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Model FFJ-445

Pultruded Fiberglass Louver
4" Deep - 45 Degree J-Blade

Pottorff's FFJ-445 is a fixed blade, fiberglass louver used in applications where corrosive air exists for exhaust, air supply or pressure relief. The FFJ-445 is available for in-cavity wall installation, or flange mounted to exterior/interior of the wall. It can also be used on the discharge or intake side of exhaust and supply fans. Flange drilling is available as an option.

FFJ-445 4" Deep - 45 Degree J-Blade

Standard Construction

Material: Unfinished Pultruded Fiberglass.

Frames: 4" deep x 1.06" (102 x 27) fiberglass channel, 1/8" (3.2) thick.

Blades: 1/8" (3.2) thick fiberglass on 45o angle approximately 4.5" (114) center to center.

Screen: 1/2" mesh x 19-gauge (13 x 1.1) PCV coated bird-screen.

Minimum Size: 12" x 12" (305 x 305)

Maximum Size:
Single Section: 72" x 72" (1829 x 1829) 
Multiple Section: Unlimited


Free Area: 6.0 ft2 (0.56 m2)


Performance @ Beginning Point of Water Penetration

Free Area Velocity: 730 fpm (3.71 m/s)

Air Volume Delivered: 4390 cfm (2.07 m3/s)

Pressure Loss: 0.08 in. wg. (21 Pa)


Velocity @ 0.15 in. wg. Pressure Loss: 984 fpm (5.00 m/s)

AMCA Certified for Water Penetration and Air Performance


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