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Model FSD-125R

1-1/2 Hour - Combination Fire Smoke Damper
Round Blade

The FSD-125R combination fire smoke damper employs ta single round blade for point-of-origin control of fire and smoke in static and dynamic smoke management systems. This unique damper comes standard with mounting plates for interface to round or square openings in masonry, metal stud or wood stud assemblies and is ideal for all round duct applications. The FSD-125R is qualified to 3,000 ft/min (15.3 m/s) and 4 in.wg. (1.0 kPa) and may be installed in vertical walls or partitions, or horizontally in floors or assemblies with fire resistance ratings up to 2 hours.

FSD-125R Round Blade

Standard Construction

Sleeve/Frame: Integral 16" x 20" (406 x 1.0) galvanized steel with reinforcing beads.

Retaining Plates: Dual sided system suitable for round or square penetrations.

Blade: 14 ga. (2.0) equivalent galvanized steel - round.

Axles: 1/2" (13) diameter plated steel, D<8" (203), 3/4" (19), D≥8" (203).

Linkage: In the airstream.

Bearings: Bronze oilite, sleeve-type.

Seals: Silicone blade edge seal.

Actuator: 120 VAC, power-open, spring-close, external mount. 

Fire Closure Device:
HS-10 (electric actuators)
PFV (pneumatic actuators)    

Fire Closure Temperature: 165oF (75oC)

Minimum Size: 6" Ø" (152 Ø)

Maximum Size: 24" Ø (610 Ø)


UL 555 Fire Resistance Rating: 1-1/2 hour (vertical and horizontal)

UL 555S Leakage Class:

Maximum Temperature: 350oF (177oC)

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