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Model EXA-645

Extruded Aluminum Louver
6" Deep - 37.5-45 Degree Combination Blade

The EXA-645 combination louver features stationary drainable louver blades to protect against water penetration and an integral airfoil blade control damper to allow positive shutoff protection of air intake and exhaust openings. The EXA-645 has a leakage class rating of 1A and is available in a wide array of anodized and painted finishes including custom color matching. These units are also available with a variety of factory mounted electric or pneumatic actuators.

EXA-645 6" Deep - 37.5-45 Degree Combination Blade

Standard Construction

Material: Mill finish 6063-T5 extruded aluminum.

Frames: 6" deep x 0.081" thick (152 x 2) channel.

37.5o x 0.081" (2) thick drainable style.
Back: 45o x 0.125" (3) thick operable airfoil style.

Screen: 1/2" x 0.063" (12.7 x 1.6) expanded and flattened aluminum.

Axles: 1/2" (13) diameter steel hex.

Linkage: Concealed in frame.

Low Leakage Seals: TPV blade edge and flexible metal jamb.

Bearings: Synthetic.

Minimum Size: 12" x 9" (305 x 229)

Maximum Size:
Single Section: 60" x 96" (1524 x 2438)
Multiple Section: Unlimited


Free Area: 8.1 ft2 (0.75 m2)

Leakage: Class 1A


Performance @ Beginning Point of Water Penetration

Free Area Velocity: 1085 fpm (5.51 m/s)

Air Volume Delivered: 8756 cfm (4.13 m3/s)

Pressure Loss: 0.11 in. wg. (27 Pa)


Velocity @ 0.15 in. wg. Pressure Loss: 1272 fpm (6.46 m/s)

Design Load: 25 psf

Operating Temperature Range: -20oF to + 180oF (-7oC to + 82oC)


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