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Model EFJ-937

Extruded Aluminum Louver
9" Deep - 37 Degree J-Blade with Vertical Blade Rear Section

The EFJ-937 dual-module louver is engineered and tested to withstand extreme loads, debris impact, and cyclic fatigue associated with the severe weather effects of hurricanes. The front (exterior) side of the louver features horizontal J-style blades for a pleasing architectural appearance. The interior side features vertical chevron blades which provide superior resistance to wind-driven rain. 

EFJ-937 9" Deep - 37 Degree J-Blade with Vertical Blade Rear Section

Standard Construction

Material: Mill finish extruded aluminum.

Frames: 9" deep x 0.125" thick (232 x 3) channel.

Front: 37o x 0.081" (2.1) thick horizontal J-style.
Back: 0.060" (1.5) thick vertical chevron style.

Screen: 1/2" x 0.063" (12.7 x 1.6) expanded and flattened aluminum.

Mullion: Visible.

Minimum Size: 12" x 12" (305 x 305)

Maximum Size:
Single Section: 60" x 120" (1524 x 3048) 
Multiple Section: Unlimited width x 120" (3048)


Free Area: 8.6 ft2 (0.80 m2)


Performance @ Beginning Point of Water Penetration

Free Area Velocity: 1250 fpm (6.35 m/s)

Air Volume Delivered: 10755 cfm (5.09 m3/s)

Pressure Loss: 0.48 in. wg. (121 Pa)


Velocity @ 0.15 in. wg. Pressure Loss: 705 fpm (3.58 m/s)

Design Load: 130 psf

AMCA 540 and 550 Listed
AMCA Certified for Water Penetration, Air Performance and Wind-Driven Rain


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