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Model CD-95R

Bubble-Tight Damper
Butterfly Style

The CD-95R is a bubble-tight industrial control damper designed for isolation and decontamination applications. Bubble-tight dampers are designed to have the lowest leakage ratings possible. Typical applications include industrial processing plants, laboratories, clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, nuclear facilities, DOE facilities, and other applications that require extremely low leakage. The CD-95R is tested for bubble-tight leakage ratings in accordance with AMCA 500-D up to 30 in. wg (7.5kPa). The damper frame is flanged for easy mounting and the blade seal is mechanically fastened to the blade.

CD-95R Butterfly Style

Standard Construction

Frame: 8" (203) flanged steel channel.

Blades: Steel reinforced butterfly style.

Blade Stops: Full open and full closed.

Axles: Solid plated steel.

Axle Seals: Double gland.

Damper Operator: Manual locking arm for dampers ≥ 16" Ø (406) Ø, manual hand wheel for larger diameters.

Bearings: Relubricatable ball bearing, outboard mounting.

Flange Type: Round.

Finish: Hi-Pro polyester, gray. (Two year warranty)

Minimum Size: 6" Ø (152) Ø

Maximum Size: 48" Ø (1219) Ø



Leakage: Bubble-tight in accordance with AMCA-500D

Maximum Pressure: 30 in. wg. (7.5 kPa) - differential pressure

Maximum Velocity: 6,500 fpm (33 m/s)

Minimum: -40oF (-40oC)

Maximum: 250oF (121oC)

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