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Air Control and Backdraft Dampers
3V Blade - 1/2" Axle
CD-81 Parallel
CD-82 Opposed
3V Blade - 3/4" Axle
CD-83 Parallel
CD-84 Opposed
3V Blade - 1" Axle
CD-85 Parallel
CD-86 Opposed
Airfoil Blade - 1/2" Axle
CD-91 Parallel
CD-92 Opposed
Airfoil Blade - 3/4" Axle
CD-93 Parallel
CD-94 Opposed
Airfoil Blade - Tunnel
TD-93 Parallel
TD-94 Opposed
CD-81R Round
Blast Suppression
BC-550 Blast
CD-95R Bubble-Tight