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Model AM-45-TD

Airflow Measuring Station
Steel Airfoil - Thermal Dispersion

AM-45-TD airflow measuring stations employ a low leakage control damper with highly accurate airflow measuring equipment in a single compact assembly. The Pottorff CD-45 control damper is factory mounted with a modulating 24V actuator and thermal dispersion airflow measurement system to provide airflow measuring along with the ability to control airflow all in one easy to install assembly. Fully encapsulated precision thermistors are paired with heating circuits and dedicated ELECTRA-flo G5 transmitters to provide a high degree of environmental protection along with state-of-the electronic airflow measurement.

AM-45-TD Steel Airfoil - Thermal Dispersion

Standard Construction

Damper Frame: 5" x 1" (127 x 25) galvanized steel hat channel with interlocking corner gusset. Equivalent to 13 gauge 92.4) channel frame. Low profile head and sill are used on sizes less than 13" (330) high.

Damper Blades: 6" x 14" gauge (152 x 2.0) equivalent galvanized steel - airfoil. Parallel.

Sleeve: 16" x 20 gauge (406 x 1.0) galvanized steel.

Damper Axles: 1/2" (13) diameter plated steel hex.

Damper Linkage: Concealed in frame.

Damper Bearings: Synthetic.

Seals: Silicone blade edge seals integrally rolled and mechanically fastened to blades. Flexible metal jamb seals.

Damper Actuator: Modulating 24V, spring close, external mount.

Transmitter: ELECTRA-flo G5 with NEMA 1 enclosure.

Minimum Size: 8" x 6" (2-3 x 152)

Maximum Size: 
Single Section: 48" x 72" (1219 x 1829)
Multiple Section: 120" x 120" (3048 x 3048)


System Velocity Range: 0-4000 fpm (0-20.32 m/s)

Maximum System Pressure: 2 in. wg. (0.50 kPa)

3.0 cfm/ft2 @ 1.0 in. wg. (0.015 m3/s/m2 @ 0.25 kPa)
4.0 cfm/ft2 @ 1.0 in. wg. (0.02 m3/s/m2 @ 0.25 kPa)
8.0 cfm/ft2 @ 4.0 in. wg. (0.041 m3/s/m2 @ 1.0 kPa)
9.7 cfm/ft2 @ 6.0 in. wg. (0.049 m3/s/m2 @ 1.5 kPa)

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