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Model CAR

Constant Airflow Regulator
Aero Wing and Spring Piston

Model CAR constant airflow regulator is designed to save a significant amount of money by precisely controlling airflow to balance HVAC systems without the need for electrical or pneumatic controls and sensors. A self-regulating aero-wing and spring piston design automatically adjust for variable duct pressures caused by building duct design, thermal stack effect, dust build up in filters, and other varying building conditions. The CAR constant airflow regulator works best to help control the volume of make-up or exhaust air in high rise applications.

Standard Construction

Frame: Fire resistant ABS plastic.

Blade: Self-regulating aero-wing.

Spring: Internal spring piston.

Seal: Full circumference rubber gasket.

Adjustment: T-10 Torx star drive.

Available Sizes:
3" Ø (76 Ø)
4" Ø (102 Ø)
5" Ø (127 Ø)
6" Ø (152 Ø)
8" Ø (203 Ø)
10" Ø (254 Ø)


Pressure Range: 0.2 in. wg. - 1.0 in. wg. (50 Pa - 249 Pa)

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