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BD image Redesigned Pottorff XAV-545 FEMA Grille Features Best-in-Class Performance!

The XAV-545 aluminum grille is designed in accordance with ICC 500 (2014), FEMA P-361 (2015) and FEMA P-320 (2014) guidelines for storm shelters and safe rooms. It offers exceptional protection against wind pressures and debris impacts produced by tornadoes and hurricanes. The XAV-545 is a UL Classified Windstorm Rated Assembly with a design pressure of 300 psf and has been impact-tested using 15-lb 2 x 4 timbers launched at 100 mph.

Improved Free Area: 51.2%

Best-in-Class water penetration resistance: 680 fpm


ECV-645-PH Severe-Duty Penthouse

Our new vertical bladed penthouse minimizes water penetration/maximizes resistance to wind-driven rain. 450 Vertical Blades 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminum

ECV-645-PH Severe-Duty Penthouse
XAV-545 FEMA Grille Best-In-Class

Our aluminum grille is designed in accordance with ICC-500, FEMA P-361 and FEMA P-320 for
storm shelters and safe rooms.
Free Area: 51.2%
Water Penetration Resistance: 680 FPM

XAV-545 FEMA Grille Best-In-Class
New Pottorff On-Demand Course – Severe Duty Louvers Testing and Certification

We are excited to announce our newest course available online on our website. In Module 1, you will learn hurricane louver code requirements, product certifications and performance testing procedures. In Module 2, you will learn storm shelter grille design standards and certifications as well as performance testing.
Worth 2 PDH or LU Learning Units

Severe-Duty Louvers Testing and Certification
Pottorff’s ECV-545 Severe-Duty Louver – Now with Left-Facing Blade Option

Balance Airflow with Left-Facing Louver Blade Option! In a large louver wall, alternating the left and right-facing bladed louvers can improve air circulation by balancing the airflow in the building.
The ECV-545 is AMCA Certified and Listed and features Free Area Velocity at 1250 fpm.

Pottorff ECV-645-PH Minimizes Water Penetration/ Maximizes Resistance to Wind-Driven Rain

Our new ECV-645-PH 6” deep, vertical blade extruded aluminum penthouse is designed for intake and exhaust applications and features wind-driven rain-resistant louvers optimized to minimize water penetration. The ECV-645 louver design on which this penthouse is based has been tested successfully for high-velocity wind-driven rain as per AMCA 550.