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Pottorff has article in the September issue of AMCA InMotion Magazine

Pottorff features an ad on our severe duty louvers in the September issue of The ASHRAE Journal. Accompanying our ad is an article co-written by Doug Petty, Pottorff's Louver Product Manager. The article, entitled 'Improving Building Resilience with Severe-Duty Louvers', talks about the fact that more states are adopting building codes requiring severe duty louvers.

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Pottorff's NEW High Performing Louvers Feature Drainable Performance at an Economical Price!

In order to improve performance for you and your clients, we have redesigned our non-drainable louvers. These louvers now have drainable heads and jambs meaning increased performance at no additional cost. 

• Best-in-Class Water Penetration Performance

• Get Drainable Performance at a Non-Drainable Price.

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NEW End Plenum adds Flexibility when installing our CFD-521-90 Ceiling Radiation Damper

Our new end boot option gives added adjustibility to the installer to allow for flex duct connection without crimping or turning when space is tight to the truss space. The addition of this boot to our CFD-521-90 will give you another option when choosing the right application for your jobs.


NEW CAR-T Constant Airflow Regulator with Transition

Pottorff is pleased to announce the release of our model CAR-T to complement our CAR constant airflow regulator. The CAR-T offers the CAR factory installed in a square to round or rectangular to round transition. This labor saver can help installers save time by offering an easy way to install round constant airflow regulators in a square or rectangular duct.

Model CAR-T constant airflow regulator with transition is designed to save a significant amount of money and energy by precisely controlling airflow to balance HVAC systems without the need for electrical or pneumatic controls and sensors.

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Pottorff Releases the CAR-FD Constant Airflow Regulator with Fire Damper

Our model CAR-FD can be ordered with a static or dynamic curtain type fore damper that can be installed in fore rated walls rated up to two hours. The CAR-FD fire damper employs curtain style blades for point-of-origin control of fire in static or dynamic HVAC systems.