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Improve Air Quality with Pottorff’s NEW Airflow Measuring Stations

These Airflow Measuring Stations provide you with precise airflow measuring along with an integrated control damper in one easy-to-install assembly. Each station is supplied with a steel airfoil or aluminum airfoil blade low leakage control damper and modulating 24V actuator to allow building control systems to precisely regulate airflow and improve overall indoor air quality based on real-time airflow measurements.

Airflow Measuring Stations
NEW Labor Saving 45-Degree Collar for our CFD-521-BT Ceiling Radiation Damper

The CFD-521-BT employs butterfly style blades for point-of-origin control of radiant heat in HVAC systems. The 45-degree collar installation option makes duct connections much easier in tight spaces where access to the top of the damper is restricted.

Pottorff is the Product Solution for School HVAC Construction and Refit Opportunities

During the Covid-19 pandemic and into the recovery phase, schools are vitally aware of the need to provide energy efficient fresh air intake and exhaust. With the CARES and CRRSA bills, the U.S. government has now approved more than 100 billion to support upgrades to critical school infrastructure such as improvements to HVAC systems and indoor air quality.

Watch Pottorff School Refit Video
Pottorff Releases Four New Labor Saving Ceiling Radiation Damper Installation Videos

Installation is a breeze with these handy animations. Includes installation videos for our CFD-521-90 with 90 degree plenum, CFD-521-BT with insulated outlet box, CFD-521-IP with insulated duct board outlet box and our CFD-521-IP with connection below the ceiling.

Pottorff’s YouTube Channel
DMR Dual-Access Door Now Available with Insulated Construction Option.

Our Model DMR access door employs a fully removable dual-panel-door to provide a convenient and economical means to obtain access to components in round ductwork. The insulated option is ideal for reducing condensation in humid environments.