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Pottorff Features New Round Fiberglass Industrial Control and Backdraft Dampers

Our FRP-81R industrial control damper features fiberglass construction making it ideal for applications where corrosive air exists for exhaust, air supply or pressure relief. Our FRP-BDR backdraft damper features adjustable counterbalance attached to the quadrant which permits field adjustment to regulate start-to-open and full blade operation.



Our AFC Game Watching Party in Chicago at AHR Expo Was a Great Success!

Thanks to all of our representatives and their clients who joined us at The Joy District in Chicago for our AFC Game Watching Party and Rep Celebration preceding the AHR Expo. We all thoroughly enjoyed cheering on the teams with the Chiefs eventually winning with a score of 27-24.

Enhance Visual Appeal and Optimize Energy Efficiency with Pottorff’s Architectural Products.

Our sunshades are designed to provide style to a building’s exterior while reducing solar heat gain. Ideal for “green” building construction. Our canopies contribute to energy savings by minimizing glare and thermal load. Our ACP-802 with Infill Panel can minimize rain and snow underneath the panel. Our Equipment Screens offer a practical and appealing solution for concealing equipment. Suitable for exterior and interior installations.

Pottorff Architectural Products

Pottorff Announces Four New Fiberglass Industrial Control Dampers

These dampers are ideal for applications such as waste-water treatment plants, micro-electronics manufacturing facilities or wherever the products could come in contact with chlorine gas in the system. Our FRP 80 series features economical 3-V blades for system velocities up to 2000 fpm. Our 90 series features high-performing airfoil blades for system velocities up to 4000 fpm.


Pottorff Announces New AMCA Certified AM-PD Stand Alone Airflow Measuring Station.

Features airfoil shaped pitot tubes with a Bluetooth transducer to provide accurate airflow measurement without the need for a control damper. Separate placement of airflow measuring and air control can give engineers more flexibility when controlling the amount of outside air needed to maintain proper air quality.