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New Ceiling Radiation Dampers with Optional Boot Rail Installation for Wood Truss Assemblies

We are pleased to announce the addition of boot rail installation for our butterfly style CFD-15 and curtain style CFD-20 ceiling radiation dampers. These dampers feature point-of-origin control of radiant heat in the ceiling membrane of wood truss floor-ceiling and roof-ceiling assemblies with fire resistance ratings up to 1 hour.

CFD-15 and CFD-20 Installation Instructions
NEW Redesign for our XAV-545 Fema Grille Features Improved Free Area

Pottorff's newly re-designed XAV-545 5-1/2" deep, inverted V-blade FEMA grille offers the same superior protection against severe weather, now with improved free area values making us equal to or better than our competitors. The XAV-545 features a heavy duty frame and blades, allowing it to pass the stringent ICC-500 test protocols and achieve a UL windstorm assembly rating.

Improved Installation: No Need for I-Mullions on 4” Operable and Combination Louvers

We have streamlined installation for our 4” operable and combination louvers by eliminating the need for I-mullions when installing multi-wide louver spans.


Operable Louver Installation
Pottorff: The Preferred Solution for Warehouse and Distribution Centers – New Video

The distribution center and warehouse market continues to grow. Our Class 1A leakage certified control dampers, Class 1A leakage certified combination louvers and high free-area operable louvers are the perfect choice for your project needs.

View Pottorff Fulfillment Center Video
Improved Installation: No Need for I-Mullions for 5”, 6” or 7” Louvers

We have streamlined the installation for our 5”, 6” and 7” louvers by eliminating the need for I-mullions when installing multi-wide louver spans. This does not affect Miami-Dade louvers

Stationary Louver Installation