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Pottorff’s ECV-545 Severe-Duty Louver – Now with Left-Facing Blade Option

Balance Airflow with Left-Facing Louver Blade Option! In a large louver wall, alternating the left and right-facing bladed louvers can improve air circulation by balancing the airflow in the building.
The ECV-545 is AMCA Certified and Listed and features Free Area Velocity at 1250 fpm.

Pottorff ECV-645-PH Minimizes Water Penetration/ Maximizes Resistance to Wind-Driven Rain

Our new ECV-645-PH 6” deep, vertical blade extruded aluminum penthouse is designed for intake and exhaust applications and features wind-driven rain-resistant louvers optimized to minimize water penetration. The ECV-645 louver design on which this penthouse is based has been tested successfully for high-velocity wind-driven rain as per AMCA 550.

Ordering/Installation is Easy with the Addition of the Pull Chain Operator in SPECS

The Pull Chain Operator can be used to operate commercial control dampers that are above warehouse doors or in other areas where a traditional locking quadrant would be difficult to operate without the need for an actuator. Can be ordered with commercial control dampers or as a stand-alone accessory. Multiple chain lengths can be ordered.


Pull Chain Operator

Pottorff J-Blade Equipment Screen Redesign Reduces Lead Times

Pottorff’s HJ-445 and HJ-645 extruded aluminum sight screens provide an effective and attractive screen around equipment for both interior and exterior applications. Our improved design reduces lead times with a standard installation method which requires no production drawings. Available with either mitered or boxed corners.  



Stucco Flange Redesign Reduces Assembly Time and Offers More Installation Flexibility

Pottorff’s stucco flange is used to secure louvers in a stucco wall opening prior to applying a stucco finish. Our new design eliminates welding and reduces assembly and lead times. The 2” standard width offers more installation flexibility.

Stucco Flange